3D Printing

Blog about best-in-class products for 3d printing. It aims to provide guides and help in choosing 3d printers and related components. Jean-Luc is an early adopter of 3d printing – since 2011. He runs, upgrades and maintains daily 7 modern and legacy printers and participates in various 3d printing-related groups. His focus is on budget and DIY FDM machines, 3d printer upgrades, and enhancement.

Budget 3D Printers

Reliable and proven 3D printers for new and experienced users. Ranging from $300 to $800 these machines provide fast commissioning and excellent performance for common filaments.

If you have a 3D printer, a time comes when it will need maintenance.
It is possible to buy stock replacement components, however, if you like to tune or upgrade your machine, there are better alternatives.

If you are already experienced in 3d printing, you may want to build your own machine, with the performance you want. There are excellent DIY builds and great 3d printing communities to discover.

Best DIY 3d printers money can buy

DIY 3D Printers

Designed to fit your need, flexible and optimized.
Discover our selection of DIY 3D printers